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WIMBLEDON BALLOTS - PUBLIC and CLUB - double your chances!

It's that time of year again... Opt-in request for BTM Wimbledon (Club allocation) Ballot 2018 is underway. 


BTM Wimbledon Ballot 2018 (Club Ballot)

How to become eligible for the Ballot:

  • Sign up to the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) and name our Club as your venue - this is free and is a requirement for entry.
  • Once registered you have to log in to the LTA site and Opt-in to the BTM Wimbledon Ballot, EACH YEAR by an annual date given in February


Only each club member who does this a) increases number of pairs of tickets the Club is allocated for our April/May Wimbledon Member Ballot Draw at the Club; and b) becomes eligible to take part in our Club Draw!

Why delay? Sign up and Opt-in today! You ONLY have until 23rd February to get registered - otherwise you can't take part in our draw!

Club ballot draw will be held around March/April - members will be emailed nearer the time.


For information for next year (as closed 31st December 2017 for this year):

  • UK Ballot for The Championships 2018 (Wimbledon Public Ballot)

Entries for this other ballot had to be received by 31st December 2017 but you can see more information about the Public Ballot to prepare you for next year at Wimbledon UK Ballot for The Championships



We have a number of positions vacant on the Committee. Members, if you have a particular strength why not volunteer for a position where you can put it to good use for us? It's what makes BPLTC such a great club.

Take a look at the list on Information




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