FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 


Here are some questions we're frequently asked.  If you still have a query, please email or phone a Committee Member (see Information)


What age can I join the Club?

You can join our Club generally from around 4 years of age.  We have the full range of ages through to a top crowd of players in their 70s and 80s still actively playing throughout the week.  We do Junior, Intermediates and Students rates which cover up to aged 21 and beyond that Senior membership which can be weekday only or full membership.  

What is the annual membership I need to pay?

This varies depending on age (for Juniors) or whether new or renewing member (for Seniors). Please see Membership for details.

Is there a joining fee, in addition to my annual membership for the Club?

There is currently no Joining Fee, just the Annual Membership Fee to pay, to join BPLTC.  This offer could be withdrawn at any time.

My child wants to join the Club but I'm not joining yet.  Is that allowed?

Yes, we welcome all Juniors and you can come along and support your Junior member at coaching, team practice, matches and tournaments. Unfortunately it does mean you don't get to: play on court; come along to club social events; take part in any tournaments that run throughout the year; or join us for lovely post-match tennis teas!  Our ideal would be to on-board you too - for our reasonable Annual Membership fees see Membership.

What time of year can I join?

You can join us any time of the year. The Spring/Summer tennis season starts in April however, as long as the courts remain playable e.g. not too much snow or ice, you can play/keep fit all year round.

Is membership reduced if I join during the membership year and not at the start?

No, sorry about that but our Annual Membership fees for new or renewing members are very reasonable.

If I leave during the membership year do I get a refund?

No, sorry about that. Why not stay and enjoy the whole year with us. We even have a Christmas drinks party out of season to look forward to!

How can I pay my fees e.g. who to, methods, when, etc.?

Fees are payable by cheque or bank transfer.  Details for this are on the new membership/membership renewal forms with full amount payable on application/renewal.  Return the form to Secretary/Treasurer whose name and address details are on the forms.

Is there a weekday only membership?

Yes there is. Details of New and Renewal fees for this are listed on Membership.



When is membership renewal due?

This is due mid April.  The membership renewal letter is issued to all existing members in March, including a list of membership renewal fees for existing members and a form to be completed and returned to Secretary/Treasurer by the deadline date.  If this date is missed there is an additional charge and any members who haven't paid by the end of April date will be deemed to have resigned from the club sadly, and may incur a joining fee if they want to return.

What will my membership fee be?

Membership renewal fees will be detailed on the form sent out by the Committee in March each year.  Details, for fees requested this current year, can be found listed on Membership.



Does the Club have Coaching?

Yes, the Club has a full comprehensive Coaching programme, provided by our qualified coaching team. See Coaching.

Does the Club have Coaching camps for Juniors during the school holidays?

Yes, our qualified Coaching team currently provide camps in the Easter and Summer holidays.  Forms are made available both in the clubhouse and on Coaching, at least one month in advance of the camps to allow our Junior members to sign up at a reduced price.  Non-members are also welcome to these however this will be at non-discounted price.  Why not join? See Membership for our very reasonable Junior Membership fees.

Can members and non-members enjoy the coaching sessions?

Members and non-members can enjoy our coaching sessions and camps throughout the year, from our qualified coaches.  Members receive these at a discounted rate; non-members at the full rate. Payment for these is directly to your coach. Unfortunately non-members can't then access our courts to practice what they've learned. Why not join? See Membership for our very reasonable membership fees.

What should my child bring to the tennis camps?

They should bring their form (if not already handed in), payment for day(s)/week, something warm, a waterproof jacket, a water bottle and their own snacks.



What age can I enter the BPLTC tournaments at the Club e.g. Thistle Cup, etc.?

Age 9+ and over is suggested entry for these.  However, if you feel your level of ability merits entry, please raise that with anyone in the Committee and we'd be more than happy to have you enter.  The more the merrier! See What's On for details of upcoming tournaments.

What age can I enter the East of Scotland league matches?

For Seniors any age of consistent ability.  For Juniors, matches have 'official' entry ages: 8&Under (U8), 10&Under(U10), 12&Under(U12); 14&Under(U14), 16&Under(U16) and 18&Under(U18).

Who can I ask if I have a question about any of the tournaments or social events?

You can contact the Social Convener - tel. no. is on the Events noticeboard. Alternatively, ask any of the Committee. The Facilities Convenor is highly knowledgeable on tournaments and is a qualified referee. See Information.

Are there prizes for the BPLTC tournaments?

Yes, there are prizes for every tournament. These are tournaments for members, with the exception of one tournament (which can be combination of BPLTC member & invited non-member from another club). However, the Spring Fling and the American Tournaments have 1st and 2nd prizes of wine/chocolates only. The other tournaments, throughout Spring/Summer season have Silver Trophy prizes (cups/plates/bowls/quaich/tankards) which you get to hold onto for a year. For Juniors entering the BPLTC Club Championships U8/U10/U12/U14/U16/U18 (those which have enough entrants) also have the chance to win 1st or 2nd prize. These are very attractive engraved glass trophies which you keep and are presented to you at the Club Championships Award Ceremony (or on Finals Day after your match if you can't make it along to the ceremony). There are also great prizes to win at the Barnton Park Centenary Challenge each year. This is an Open, with entrants from across the UK and has some lovely trophies to be won!

Is there any additional charge to enter tournaments?

Yes, there's normally a £2 to £3 charge payable at each of the Club tournaments held throughout the year, to cover prizes. The exception is the Barnton Park Centenary Challenge which is a Junior Open tournament where entries come from all over the UK. The charge for this tournament is a higher but standard fee (around £10 or £12) - enter and pay via LTA website. The Open has some lovely trophies to be won and is a great competition even just to gain some experience. If you're thinking about entering any of our tournaments, please do!

I'm a member not entering the tournaments or I'm a supporter of a Junior who is - can I come and watch/support?

Please do especially at our bigger events where there's hot food and tea/coffee/juice and home baking available to buy. Bring the sunshine with you - applause and cheering positively encouraged!



Can I help?

We're always looking for helpers and home bakers for one or two of the larger events.  Please sign up on the sheet on the Events board when you see these go up nearer the time or just donate some home baking on the day. It's a great earner for the club and all of our tournament visitors and members alike are very complimentary about it - always! In addition to this, at any event many hands make light work, so if everyone pitches in at the event itself, it makes it more enjoyable for everyone! 

I'd like to get involved in the Committee, can I?

There are various positions on the Committee which, as a Club, we're required to fill to comply with our Constitution.  In addition there are a number of additional Committee Members.   We're always on the look out for additional helpers so if you feel you would like to become an additional Committee member, please speak to any of the Committee about what this involves.  If still interested once you know more, please speak to the President or Vice President about taking this forward. See Information for contact details.



Who do I contact about coming to Team Training?

Ladies Teams (1st to 4th or just Team Training) - Lorna Hay Smith.  Men's Teams (1st to 4th or just Team Training) - Stuart Brown. Junior teams - Junior Coordinator, Andrew Macartney. See Information for contact details.

I'd like to come along to Team Training but can't commit to teams regularly/at all - can I come?

Yes, always pleased to see new faces. Don't worry if you can't commit to the teams, come along to the Team Training and it may be you can make the odd date to help out the team when someone has to call off last minute - that would be fantastic.  Contact Ladies/Men's Captains in the first instance for a chat. See Information for contact details. 

Do the Club teams play other clubs?

Yes. As part of the East of Scotland leagues, our Club teams play other clubs.  Some of these matches are home matches and some are away but all are within travelling distance for an evening of tennis and a very sociable post-match tea!  Both Seniors and Juniors play home and away matches with other clubs as part of the league. It's great fun and gives you opportunities to meet other players with a passion for tennis and see other clubs.  You also get the opportunity to play on different surfaces.



I'm a member and would like to bring a visitor - what are the rules?

Members can bring along a visitor 12 times a year.  This can be once a month, or several days bunched together e.g. school holidays or where a friend or member or your extended family is visiting you for a few days.  Cost is per day: Seniors/Intermediates/Students £3; and Juniors £1.  NO MONEY IS EVER KEPT/LEFT IN THE CLUBHOUSE.

Do my visitors need to sign in?

Yes please. There is a sheet in the clubhouse to sign in/out. Payment should be handed in to Gordon Hay Smith (Secretary/Treasurer) or to any of the Committee members at your convenience. NO MONEY IS EVER KEPT/LEFT IN THE CLUBHOUSE.



Are tennis balls provided or do I bring my own?

All tennis balls are provided by the Club as part of your membership.  It would be great if you could put them back where you get them from and bring any outside strays back in with you.

Are the tennis balls at the Club refreshed?

Yes. Our Tennis Ball Convenor, Rosemary, does a great job of regularly rotating the stock and introducing new tennis balls to the Senior storage containers (Wooden ball boxes on the table) as required.  Those in a good state are then marked with an X and move to a box for the Juniors by the double doors of the clubhouse.  Older junior balls are removed and recycled to a charity.

Are new balls supplied for Club and League tournaments?

The Club supplies new tubes of balls for each tournament run at BPLTC and for each of Teams league home matches. Senior, contact Ladies/Men's Captains; Juniors these are provided by Junior Coordinator to your Parent Captain to bring along to your match.

Which tennis balls should I use in the Clubhouse?

Senior - wooden boxes on the table.  Juniors - big plastic box and wooden boxes by the window next to the double doors out of the clubhouse. Please return them to the boxes/tubs you get them from. Thanks



I'm a member, how do I get a key for the clubhouse?

Only Seniors can hold a clubhouse key. When you join you can request this on your form and include your £5 deposit.  One will be hand-delivered/passed to you at an event. Alternatively, if you request one throughout the year, on payment one will be hand-delivered/passed to you.

I paid a deposit for a clubhouse key, now I'm leaving how do I get this back?

Please email or phone the Secretary/Treasurer - see Information

Is the clubhouse wheelchair/easy access enabled?

Yes it is.  The main path from the gate has a gentle incline and a wider door, for easy access into the clubhouse; the clubhouse itself is all one level and there are accessible toilet facilities. The kitchen, although not large, is accessible however please note the work surfaces, sink and cooker are fixed height. 

What's the clubhouse address?

12 Barnton Park, Edinburgh, EH4 6JF. Please note this is not manned and post will lie in the Clubhouse until picked up.  It may be better to contact a Committee member using the contact details on Information.

I'd like to make a contribution by buying something for the clubhouse?

Fantastic! We currently require: Medium sized straight glass tumblers; medium sized wine glasses, large foil serving plates; snazzy mugs; and a large teapot. Table tennis balls always welcome too! If you'd like to 'sponsor' any of these items that would be brilliant. Just check cupboards before buying and pop your name on the Events board to say what you bought, so the Committee can thank you! 

Can I contribute by bringing some flowers to brighten up the clubhouse?

That would be a lovely thing to do, whether from your own garden or local supermarket, it cheers the place up no end!  There should be a vase in the clubhouse - try the kitchen cupboards.

I'm a member and I'd like to use the Club's space. Who do I contact?

Please contact the President or Vice President in the first instance (see Information)

Who can use the Table Tennis table and Table Football table?

All members and their visitors.  There's a full sized Table Tennis table in the clubhouse which is very well used by Juniors and Seniors alike.  Table Tennis ball donations always welcome!  There is also a Table Football table.



How many courts are there?

There are five full-size courts at Barnton Park Lawn Tennis Club and a mini tennis court. At one end of this mini court is a practice wall for members to practice against. Court 5 (top court nearest the clubhouse) is a Junior priority court - please make way for Juniors if approached. Juniors, please feel free to ask (nicely) if you've been waiting for half an hour.

What surface are the courts?

Five newly-resurfaced all-weather artificial grass courts which are re-sanded each year. One hard surface mini-court.

Do the courts have floodlights?

Two of the courts currently have floodlights.  A further two have had floodlights fitted however we are waiting for connection work to complete on these (expected May 2016). These are switched on (and off again, please) in the clubhouse - straight ahead through door to Ladies' locker room.

Are the Courts wheelchair/easy access enabled?

The top three (of five) courts are accessible for wheelchairs. From these courts, the clubhouse is accessible from here along the pavement, or the back road, and back in the main entrance gate to the Club.

In addition the bottom two courts could be accessed via the private road to the rear of the club, or along the grass at the front.  Some assistance may be required though as there is a step up to these.  The clubhouse is accessible from the lower courts either over the grass at the front or out and round the private road/pavement but not directly along the flagstone path as there are one or two steps back up.



Can I see the information in the clubhouse or just on Website?

The information on this website should also be available on the boards in the website.  If there's something you're looking for that you can see in there, please ask a member of the Committee who'll sort that for you.  We confirm the Events calendar at that start of the tennis season in April. This has been updated on What's On. Watch out for this going up on the Events board, in the clubhouse (larger A3 size).

I have a news item about the club or a member/former member - can I display it somewhere?

Yes certainly. There's a space bottom left of the board with 'Events' title, with a few such articles already. Please have a look some time!

I'm running a club event, can I display it somewhere?

No problem.  This is the Events noticeboard which faces you as you come in the main clubhouse door.  Please remove posters passed their date (if still up) to make space for yours. Additionally, if you want it on view when the clubhouse is locked you can use Blue-Tack from that board to stick it up in the windows.



Is there a first aid box in the Club?

Yes. This is in the kitchen under the counter.  There are currently no ice packs.  If visiting from another Club for a match, please feel free to bring your own as we do have a small freezer (just outside the kitchen).

Do you run any first aid courses?

Not routinely. Although there's a possibility a one-off session may be run for those who'd like to attend.  This would likely be one or two evenings, 7 pm to 9 pm. Alternatively we may arrange a trip to do an evening class, at a local agency, to do this as a small group.  Committee to discuss.



Does the Club have a Child Protection Officer


Is there a form to fill in for my Junior member, for the Child Protection Officer?

Yes thanks.  Forms should be available in the clubhouse.  If not please email the President of the Club (see Information) who'll make sure you get a form.



I'd like to raise an improvement or a challenge I'm having - who can I raise this with?

Please raise with any member of the Committee but, depending on the suggestion/challenge you have, it may be best to raise this with the President or Vice President in the first instance.