Chico's full 2017 BPLTC Coaching Programme

2017 Summer Camps Application Form - print off, fill out and hand in to Chico/pop in envelope in clubhouse



Week 1: July 3rd to 7th. 

Week 2: July 10th to 14th. 

Week 3: August 7th to 11th. 

Morning and afternoon sessions (see form for your age group).

Individual days available instead of entire week(s).

*Redesigned forms* now up on the Juniors' board / by clicking link above. Big brown envelope in clubhouse next to these, to deposit completed forms for Chico. Alternatively, please give yours straight to him, ASAP! Thanks.


BPLTC COACH - CHICO  (Nodar Shovnadze)                                 

Chico is a well-qualified coach with over 13 years experience, coaching all ages and abilities. He's coached in several countries around the world, including Poland, Germany, Dubai, Italy and Portugal.

Come along to one of the his regular sessions or book your personal 1:1 training session.  


 Coach - Chico (Nodar Shovnadze)       FOR ANY COACHING QUERIES, CONTACT 'CHICO':

          mobile: 07442 558566